cold water diving

Our team is diving all year round in Switzerland, and our equipment is made with warmth in mind. Specialized in cold water diving, our customers enjoy all kind of activities: recreational ice diving, commercial work, extreme expedition in the Poles, etc… Recently, multiple teams of explorators and researchers have been diving in the freezing waters of Antartica or Greenland with our products.

SF Tech has been working with multiple explorators, in particular the teams of Under The Pole, Laurent Ballesta with Gombessa III Expedition and the CNRS and many more.

cave and technical diving

All our drysuits are made with strength and reliablity in mind. From the start, the aim was to create a suit which could withstand the use and abuse of technical divers, and especially cave divers. With hard constraints during the dives, but even more on land in narrow passages on sharp rocks, multi-siphons dives are though. And the SF Tech drysuits are more than qualified for the job.

With hundreds of divers around the world exploring cave and depth, it would be hard to choose which one to link, but have a look around and you will be surprised how many SF Tech are used for extreme dives!

professional diving

For years, professionals from various fields have trusted us for the creation of their work tools. SF Tech is proud to be able to equip various trades such as construction companies, police, firefighters, army or archaeologists.

These enthusiasts use our drysuits with confidence and pride. So why not you?