In 2006, SF Tech was established in Les Paccots, Switzerland, by Franz Schönenberger, who currently serves as the CEO and owner of the brand.

Franz developed a deep passion for diving back in 1996 and earned his level 1 certificate in Lake Geneva. He continued to enhance his skills and became an instructor in 2004 while working at a diving center in Hurgada, Egypt. Upon returning to Switzerland, his interest shifted towards technical and cave diving, prompting him to delve into rebreather diving in 2006.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Franz soon recognized a gap in the market for a dry suit tailored specifically to his diving practices. He embarked on the journey of creating the first SF Tech dry suit, starting the development process in his own garage.

Since then, SF Tech has experienced consistent growth. The demand for technical diving equipment expanded to encompass various types of divers, including recreational, cave explorers, technical divers, military, firefighters, police, and special forces. The brand has established a global presence, distributing its products across all continents. Today, SF Tech is widely regarded as the ultimate dry suit by a significant number of both recreational and professional divers.