Led indicator

The battery status and charge level can be checked directly on the head


Dual output

Second output available for umbilical light


Adjustable power

Magnetic switch to adjust the output power


100m / 200m

Available in two configurations, depending on the maximum operating depth desired


Modern power supply for heating systems. Simplicity, intuitive operation and reliable performances.

Easy to use – A three-position magnetic switch allows you to adjust the battery intensity underwater. The shape and position of the switch make it accessible even when wearing thick gloves. A second outlet on the top of the battery allows you to connect a waterproof lamp. The battery is charged through the additional connector on the top of the head. The case remains permanently closed guaranteeing long-term waterproofing.

Smart Electronics – A LED on the top of the head indicates battery status and charge level. The electronics in the head automatically recognize when the E/O cable is disconnected and cut off the output voltage, protecting the connector from electrolysis. Power is automatically restored when the heating system is reconnected.

Performance – The battery is available in two versions: The standard version with a maximum operating depth of 100m, and the SPECIAL version certified up to 200m. In both versions, the housing and the head are made of anodized aluminum and Delrin®. Quality, durability and irreproachable finishes!


  • Two versions: 100m or 200m (SPECIAL)
  • Casing in hard anodised aluminium and Delrin®
  • Multi-position magnetic switch (OFF / 70% / 100%)
  • Second output available for umbilical light
  • Protective system for the E/O cord
  • LED indicator for the battery status and charge level
  • UN/DOT 38.3 compliant for transport by plane
  • CE Certification

technical data

  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Nominal voltage: 10.95 V
  • Capacity: 23.45 Ah
  • Charging time: ~8h00
  • Maximum output power: 200W
  • Maximum operating depth: 100m / 200m (SPECIAL)
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C
  • Length: 262mm
  • Diameter: 66mm
  • Weight: 1610g / 1800g
  • Weight in water: 715g / 1100g

operating time

H 0 Min


H 0 Min


H 0 Min


H 0 Min


H 0 Min


H 0 Min

PADS+Gloves (70%)

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