Heating ready

Pockets and wire holes ready for the heating system

Large crotch strap

To maintain the undergarments in place when donning and doffing the drysuit

Thin and light

Takes up no space and allows a heating system to be added to an existing undersuit

Breathable material

Allows the water humidity to go through the material keeping, the skin dry and warm


The SF Tech Softshell vest is specially designed to be used under an existing undersuit. Thin and light, it does not take up space and offers the possibility of adding a heating system to any configuration. Softshell is a breathable material that continuously evacuates water vapor while retaining heat. The layer in contact with the skin remains dry and comfortable.

The sleeveless SF Tech vest covers the upper part of the body and is used in conjunction with other undergarments. To ensure effective heating, the vest should be worn close to the body, between the skin and the undersuit. A wide elastic crotch strap holds the clothes in place when dressing or diving.

The vest is designed for the SF Tech heating system. Four internal pockets are made to receive heating pads. Two heating elements on the torso and two elements on the back. The wiring of the cables is through the lining of the sweater and openings are provided at each pad location. Thus, all cables are passed inside the garment.


  • Large crotch strap
  • Designed for SF Tech heating system
  • SF Tech logo on the chest
  • Odor and bacteria resistant


  • Outer shell: 88% Polyester / 12% Elastane
  • Inner lining: 100% Polyester

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