Low profile

Small and streamline profile avoiding any extra bulk


The air intake can be swapped side for better hose routing

Apeks compatible

The valve can be mounted on any Apeks pads

Waterproof connector

The E/O cord is designed to be plugged and unplugged underwater


Low profile, the SF Tech heating valve is constructed to be flatter than a standard inflator while providing E/O connectivity for a heating system. Made of Delrin, a material with excellent impact resistance, the valve is extremely robust and durable.

Equipped with a standard inflator connector, it can be used directly without the need for an adapter. The position of the air intake is reversible to ensure optimal hose routing. The valve is compatible with Apeks inflators.

The electrical connection between the battery and the heating valve is made using a waterproof E/O connector that can be disconnected underwater. Inside the suit, the connection to the heating system is made using a waterproof push lock connector.


  • Low profile
  • Ability to reverse the position of the air intake
  • Compatible with Apeks inflators
  • Waterproof E/O battery connector can be unplugged underwater
  • Waterproof push lock connector for connection to the heating system

technical data

  • Machined in POM (Delrin)
  • Standard Apeks quick disconnect pin
  • Ø5.8mm E/O cord
  • Standard cable length of about 50cm

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