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Xavier Meniscus

Professional diver, Xavier works in France on the dams of the Rhone valley, and on offshore oil platforms in saturation diving. As an underground diver, he has been exploring for more than 20 years the longest and deepest caves and resurgences in France with a double mCCR Joki configuration. His main explorations are: the Gouls de Tourne, Marnade, Port Miou, Le Durzon, the Emergence de Bourne. The latter holds the world record for underground diving since December 2019, having reached a depth of -286m in the Font Estramar resurgence.

About SF Tech:

A comfortable and durable suit. I use a SF Tech TNT for my recreational dives and a Classic Kevlar for my bigger exploration dives. No other drysuit has withstood so many dives, the deepest dives in the world, regularly over -200m. I'm entering my 6th year with my Classic Kevlar.