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Severine Bär

Born in 1979 and a diver since 1992, Séverine has marvelled at the diversity of the underwater world since she started diving. With time and the move to trimix and rebreather, deep wrecks and the drop offs of the great alpine lakes have widened the field of possibilities. Finally, in 2009, the year of her first dive underground, Séverine found her passion. Crystal clear springs, muddy siphons, multi-siphon caves full of surprises, the multiple aspects of caving and cave diving have fascinated her ever since. So, in order to share this unique underground world and the special atmosphere of the dives with those who are not lucky enough to go underwater and/or underground themselves, she documents her incursions under the surface as often as possible.

About SF Tech:

My neoprene drysuit, superbly robust and warm, is for all the colder and somewhat more committed dives. The TNT, pleasantly flexible and light, joins me on quiet summer dives and in warmer waters, from the Tasmanian sea grass beds to the Florida caves. In addition to the quality of the products, the warm welcome and the after-sales service are worth mentioning as well. A modification? a new seal? bigger pockets? Never a problem – free coffee and a smile are included.