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Sabine Sidi-Ali

I’ve been diving since more than 30 years. The last 10 years, I was focused on rebreathers and caves; teaching and exploring. I liked the caves to the point that I moved to Mexico 5 years ago to enjoy the Cenotes. I am now 9 months per year in Mexico and 3 months a year in Europe where I am dedicated to my passion: cave and technical diving. I teach up to CCR cave and technical cave diving as well as rebreather and trimix courses. I spend around 300 days a year under water.

On my days off, I go exploring undiscovered caves. I participated in cave exploration projects in various countries: in Mexico and in Europe. There is nothing more fascinating to me than the feeling that you are the first person ever who dives a place and this is followed by surveying and documenting those caves, which is also part of their protection.

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