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Mel Clark

Mel is an active technical/rebreather diving instructor trainer, and avid underwater photographer. She also has taught for Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) helping to develop future commercial divers. Mel has made a genuine contribution to the diving community by increasing CCR diver knowledge and safety through her easy to read manuals; rebreathers Simplified, CCR Trimix Simplified, and CCR Cave Almost Simplified. When Mel is not instructing, she can usually be found in the water exploring wrecks or caves.

Mel is a member of the Women Diver’s Hall of Fame.

About SF Tech:

BEST drysuit I have ever used. I am still diving a suit from 2015 which has thousands of dives on it, now that’s quality. Durable, comfortable, reliable, it remains the best drysuit I've ever used for technical diving and cave diving.