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Mario Marconi

Mario is a Technical open-circuit instructor since 2001 and CCR diver since 2002. He uses the rebreather mainly for deep cave exploration in Europe at depths over 170m and also has double rebreather for cave exploration since 2004. In 2008, together with Pim van Der Horst and Alessandro Scuotto, he was able to explore the “Milano” wreck in Lake Maggiore at -241m with a bottom time of 4’ on the wreck. Currently his standard configuration is a double Liberty sidemount for deep and cave dives. He has been working on this specific configuration for about a year, conceiving this system as a fusion of twin CCRs and not just as a simple rescue rebreather concept.

Finally Mario is Full Cave Instructor Trainer for PTA-CMAS and DST Academy, OC Extended Technical 100 Instructor, PSAI Liberty Explorer Mixed Gas CCR Instructor.

About SF Tech:

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