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Frank Vasseur

Born in 1968, Frank discovered outdoor activities when he was a scout. He took up caving and other outdoor activities in 1984, and learned to dive in 1987, with the aim of furthering his cave explorations. Since then, he has been learning and using new equipment and technology to explore caves further, but safely.

He explores caves and chasms all over southern France, but also abroad, in collaboration with local cavers and cave divers. His discovery of virgin galleries is subject to the production of tangible and shareable elements (topographies, reports, photographs, films) so that a discovery can benefit others and not only the privileged discoverer. With an approach that is more empirical than technical, he has fixed on pixels areas that have been little or not photographed until now, with the desire to show the magnificence and aesthetics of this amazing environment, which ignorance borders on a nightmare.

He has written several books on cave diving. The latest are a technical manual (2014) and a photographic book “an inside world” in 2018. For several years he has been teaching CCR and cave diving.

About SF Tech:

I have been diving with an SF Tech drysuit since 2009. Durable, comfortable, reliable, it remains the best drysuit I've ever used for technical diving and cave diving.