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Edmund Yiu

Edmund Yiu has over 25 years of experience in recreational, technical, rebreather and cave diving, with more than 6000 dives conducted all around the world. He has been focused on Technical Diving since 2000 and continues to pursue his passion for diving, exploration and conservation through scuba diving instruction.

Edmund also has years of experience in dive equipment servicing, retail sales and distribution businesses, providing technical support and total solutions for dive centers and instructors.

Edmund currently acts as the Greater China Regional Head for RAID (Rebreather Association of International Divers) serving dive centers and developing instructors throughout the region. Edmund is qualified as a RAID Examiner, RAID Recreational, Technical OC and CCR Instructor Trainer and RAID Full Cave Instructor. Through the wealth of experience that he brings to the industry, Edmund hopes to improve safety, establish higher training standards, modernize training best practices, ensure professionalism with the proper attitude and all the while, improve profitability for dive centers and instructors. Edmund also holds numerous Instructor Trainer/Instructor ratings from several dive training agencies within Recreational/ Technical and Rebreather Diving.

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